GOAL ASSOCIATES is known for the creativity of its solutions and the sense of urgency we bring to each and every project. Our wide variety of in-house disciplines and services offers each client a tailored approach and a project specific team. At GOAL ASSOCIATES, we take a clients’-eye view of our work by planning and designing to accomplish the client’s goals in the most effective and efficient manner. Our major areas of operations include:

Highway/Interchange Design
  • Limited Access Highway Design

  • Complex Interchange Design

  • Maintenance of Traffic (MOT)

  • Arterial Widening & Reconstruction

  • Roadway Corridor Modeling

  • Resurfacing, Restoration and Rehabilitation (3R Projects)

  • Signing & Pavement Markings

  • Traffic Signalization Design

  • Roadway Lighting Design

  • Pavement Management and Design

  • Design Exceptions and Variations

Traffic Operations & Safety
  • Freeway/ Interchange Analysis

  • Intersection & Arterial Analysis

  • Traffic Microsimulation Modeling

  • Traffic Impact Studies

  • Traffic Signal Optimization

  • Traffic Data Collection

  • Qualitative Safety Assessment

  • Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety

  • Road Safety Audit

  • Traffic Signal Warrant Analysis

  • Parking Study

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems

Transportation Planning
  • Project Development & Environment (PD&E) Studies

  • Transportation Master Plans

  • Efficient Transportation Decision Making (ETDM)

  • Interchange Access Request

  • Corridor Analysis

  • Land Suitability Mapping

  • Conceptual Alternatives Evaluation

  • Conceptual Stage Relocation Plan

  • Preparation of NEPA documents

  • Public Relations/Outreach Services

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